Baroreflex and HRV

Click here to access eCar (v1.1)

This software allow to study baroreflex sensitivity and signal variability and include a data filtering module.

Baroreflex study

The baroreflex slopes method is used and allow to estimate baroreflex sensitivty on an human subject. The analysis is parametrizable from :

  • the minimum variation of the heart rate and of the blood pressure,
  • the time-lag between heart rate and blood pressure signals.

Analysis results can be filtrered with triggers regression quality (r2 and p).

Heart Rate Variability study

The power spectrum density calculation (associated to the Welch modified periodogram) is used to estimate sympathetic and parasympathetic activity of the control nervous system of an human subject.

The analysis is parametrizable from :

  • the kind, length, overlap rate of the data windowing (Hanning, Barlett, …),
  • the sample frequency.

Raw data filtering

This software includes a data filtering module. Thus it’s possible to :

  • re-sample and filter raw data,
  • manualy delete / update signal artefacts,
  • select a region of interest.

eC@r work on desktop computer or notebook (Windows ©, Linux, Mac OS ©) on which Java virtual machine is installed (version 1.6).

Click here to install Java on your computer

One response to “Baroreflex and HRV

  1. ANIORT Julien

    Je suis Chef de clinique assistant en nephrologie au CHU de Clermont Ferrand.
    Je souhaite mener une étude cherchant à prédire le risque d’hypotension artérielle pendant les séances d’hémodialyse. La neuropathie autonome est l’un des facteurs de risque étudié. Je souhaiterai réaliser une analyse spectrale de puissance de la variabilité de la fréquence cardiaque chez les patients évalués.
    Est ce que le logiciel eCAR est adapté à cette situation ?
    De quel matériel supplémentaire compatible avec ecar aurais je besoin ?
    Merci d’avance
    Julien ANIORT

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